What we do

“Our objective is to save our clients time and money… And we’ve been doing it really well for over 10 years.”

Cargo Expediting / Oil Loss Control

Waxy crudes,  fuel oil, clean & dirty products,ship & terminal efficiency. Minimizing potential loss at loadport, maximizing outturn.


Cargo Contamination Claims

Off spec clean products, water contamination.


Intensive Course

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Tank Cleaning Supervision
& Guidance

Change over between different trades, tank surface & pipeline preparation, dry dock sludge removal.


Voyage Monitoring

End-to-end voyage analysis and attendance at key ports not only significantly reducing loss but also providing traders with facts to make important future decisions.


Cargo Care

reducing exposure with round-the-clock technical support for traders and freight operators on issues such as cargo compatibility, cargo handling
(heating, COW, etc.), ship routeing or tank cleaning requirements.


Terminal Audits

Ports and terminals assessment against OCIMF baseline criteria & MTMSA requirements.


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