The 200-mile long Suez-Mediterranean pipeline transports crude oil through Egypt from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The crude oil flows through two parallel 42-inch pipelines, which have a total capacity of 2.34 million b/d. Starting at the Ain Sukhna terminal along the coast of Red Sea, ending at the Sidi Kerir terminal on the Mediterranean Sea. The pipeline is the only alternate route to transport crude oil if ships cannot navigate through the Suez Canal fully laden.

The facility is used for lightering of very large crude carriers (VLCCs) coming from the Arabian Gulf or Caribbean Zone on a round trip. The Suez Canal is not deep enough for a fully-laden VLCC. Part of the crude is offloaded at the Ain Sukhna terminal, the partially-laden VLCC goes through the Suez Canal and re-load crude at the other end of the pipeline – the Sidi Kerir terminal.

Capital Marine Services is appointed by the oil majors to expedite the cargo transit through the Ain Sukhna – Sidi Kerir route. Our Expeditors will maximise the outturn at Ain Sukhna, minimise ship/shore quantity differences and maximise the lifting at Sidi Kerir, ensure the accuracy of ship & shore measurements and analysis & minimise or eliminate delays

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